10 budget cars that fit in your pocket: low-cost options

10 budget cars that fit in your pocket: low-cost options

Entry-level cars, formerly known as popular cars, were the sales leaders. In 2012, they represented 31.3% of total car sales, which reached 3.1 million units.

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However, since 2020, the market has remained stagnant, with around 2 million units sold per year. In April 2023, the share of this segment is only 9.3%. See the image below for the cheapest cars available in the country.

Check out the cheapest cars in Brazil and their respective sales prices:

Renault Kwid Zen – R$ 68,990: Renault Kwid Zen is an affordable model that offers good value for money. With a compact and economical design, it is ideal for urban commuting.

Fiat Mobi Kama – R$68,990: Fiat Mobi Kama is another compact and economical model. With a modern look, it is a practical and suitable choice for those looking for an entry-level car.

Defects on the Citroen C3

Citroën C3 Live 1.0 – R$ 72,990: Citroën C3 Live 1.0 is a hatchback with a bold design and interior comfort. It offers good performance and pleasant driving experience.

Fiat Argo Drive 1.0 – R$ 79,790: Fiat Argo Drive 1.0 is a model that combines style and performance. With an efficient engine and a good list of features, it’s a pleasure to drive.

Renault Stepway Zen 1.0 – R$ 79,990: The Renault Stepway Zen 1.0 is an incredibly attractive car, offering high ground clearance and a solid appearance. It is the choice for those looking for a car with style and sophistication.

Volkswagen Polo Track – R$ 81,370: The Volkswagen Polo Track is a model with a sporty design and advanced technology. With well-designed interior and safety features, it provides a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Hyundai HB20 Sense – R$ 82,290: Hyundai HB20 Sense is a rear device with a modern and stylish design. With a good feature set and solid performance, it is a reliable choice for buyers.

Volkswagen Polo MPI – R$ 83,390: The Volkswagen Polo MPI is a small car with an interior and an extensive list of features. With good performance and enhanced comfort, it is a popular choice among users.

Fiat Cronos 1.0 – R$ 84,239: The Fiat Cronos 1.0 is a compact sedan that offers a good balance between space, performance and economy. With an elegant design and modern features, it is an attractive choice for those looking for a family car.

Chevrolet Onix 1.0 – R$84,390: Chevrolet Onix 1.0 is one of the best selling cars in Brazil. With an attractive design and a wide range of services, it provides reliable performance and sitting comfort.

These cars have different features and price ranges, to meet the needs and wants of different buyers. It is important to consider the individual specifications of each model when making a purchase decision.